I had the pleasure to travel to Thailand in the latter half of december in 2015 to visit my father. We rented a house just south of Pattaya (the sesspool of sin) , in Jomtien. Not much wildlife to see there – but some geckos and amphibians was seen in the garden and surroudings. My main target for the trip was pit vipers in Khao Yai National Park, and when we booked the trip tp Thailand I got in touch with TonTan Travel who do guided tours in at least Kaeng Krachan Natinal Park and Khao Yai. A desicion I have not regretted one second, Ton and his wife Tan is highly recommended at really made my trip to Khao Yai between 21 and 23.december! http://www.tontantravel.com/

I’m not much of a writer – so here is some pictures from my trip. Both the documentary shots and the better well-planned ones. Hope you enjoy it half as much as I did taking them.

Pictures from the area around JOMTIEN


PRANHINBURI (just south of Khao Yai)

Here is the complete list of herps «identified» during the trip :

Duttaphrynus melanosticus – Common Asian Toad
Microhyla berdmorei – Berdmore’s Narrow-mouthed Frog
Rana cubitalis – Dark-eared Frog
Rana sp (not dientified yet)

Calotes versicolor – Garden Fence Lizard
Draco sp – Flying Lizard
Hemidactylus frenatus – Common House Gecko
Hemidactylys platyurus – Common Frilly Gecko
Gekko gecko – Tokay
Leiolepis reveesii – Reeve’s Butterfly Lizard
Dasia olivacea – Olive Tree Skink
Mabyua multifasciata – Common Sun Skink
Lipina vittigera – Sipora Striped Skink
Spenomorphus maculatus – Spotted Forest Skink
Varanus salvator – Water Monitor
Physignathus cocincinus – Indo-Chinese Water Dragon

Ahaetulla prasina – Oriental Vine Snake
Ahaetulla nasuta – Green Vine Snake
Chrysoplea ornata – Golden Tree Snake
Trimeresurus macrops – Large-eyed Pit Viper
Trimeresurus vogeli – Vogel’s Pit Viper
Naja siamensis – Indo-Chinese Spitting Cobra

Hoesemys grandis – Asian Leaf Turtle