Between 02. and 09.april we were in the south-west of Morocco. We flew in from Norway to Marrakech, and used the first day to drive south to Guelmim, and the last day to drove north again.

All our trips out in the field was in the area, Assa, Guelmim and Tan Tan.

Species list for the trip :

Amietophrynus marutinanicus
Bufotes boulengeri
Pelophylax saharicus

Mauremys leprosa

Tarentola mauritanica
Tarentola chazilae
Stenodactylus mauritanica
Tropicolotes algericus
Agama impalearis
Trapelus boehmei
Uromastyx acanthinura
Acanthodactylus pardalis
(and probably at least one more species of these..)
Chalcides polylepis
Chalcides occelatus

Spalerosophis dolichospilus
Rhagheris moilensis
Psammophis schokari
Macrovipera mauritanica
Bitis arietans
Cerastes cerastes