Between 29.april and 05.may 2017, men and 2 friends spent in the area east of Alexandroupoli for 4 days, and then two days close to Lake Volvi, outside Thessaloniki. We where lucky to encounter a group of german herpers and Marius and his sister from Rumania, who also where in the area, and we owe them all great thanks for both hints, tips (and beer) and and not least letting us photograph some of your findings. A great thanks to «ze germans» Michael, Jürg, Alexander, Rainer, Hans Peter and the rumanians Marius and Olimpia. The trip would be a bit more boring without you.

A usual I will not bore you to much with writing. In Thrace our herping was done east of Alexandroupoli, and in Dadia Forest. And the rest was around Lake Volvi and surrounding areas.

Hope you enjoy the pictures

The list of our findings was as follows :

1.Salamandra salamandra (larvae)
2.Lissotritin vulgaris

3.Pelophylax ridibundis
4.Pelophylax cf. bedriagae
5.Hyla arborea
6.Pelobates syriacus
7.Bufo bufo
8.Bufotes viridis
9.Bombina variegate

10.Mauremys rivulata
11.Emys orbicularus
12.Testudo hermanni
13.Testudo greace

14.Pseudopis apodus
15.Laudakia stellio
16.Hemidayctylus turcicus
17.Lacerta viridis
18.Lacerta trilineata
19.Ophisops elegans

20.Typhlops vermicularis

21.Elaphe sauromates
22.Natrix tesselata
23.Natrix natrix
24.Dolichophis caspius
25.Platyceps najadum
26.Malpolon insignitus
27.Vipera ammodytes
28.Montivipera xanthina

2 species missing.. will come back with an update as soon as my brain start to coorperate