In march 2017 I travelled south in Sweden, to visit Daniel Iglesias. It is always a pleasure to meet with Daniel, and this was my first visit to see his collection of snakes. The opportunity was that I was looking to photograph some of the species in his collection for a coming book. The main target was McGregors Pit Viper (Trimeresurus mcgregori), but also several of his Atheris (African Bush VIpers) I’m hoping several of the pictures I took this day will be in the book.

A great big thanks to Daniel for letting me photograph his snakes, I will be back again soon!

You can also have a look at Daniels own photography HERE

As usual when out on a assignment like this, I take some documentary shots on white, and some more artistic. Here are the pics taken this day.

Trimeresurus mcgregori is a venomous pitviper subspecies endemic to the Philippines.

The subspecific name, mcgregori, is in honor of Richard Crittenden McGregor (1871-1936), who collected the type specimen, and survived its bite.

The scalation includes 21 (23) rows of dorsal scales at midbody, 170-172/173-178 (or 169-172/168-178) ventral scales in males/females, 62-66/58-60 (or 63-69/56-62) subcaudal scales in males/females, and 10-11 supralabial scales.

Geographic range
Found in the Philippines on the Batanes Islands. The type locality given is «Batan Island, Batanes Group, (lying between Luzon and Formosa)» (Philippine Islands).

Re-elevated to a full species, Trimeresurus mcgregori, by Gumprecht (2001, 2002).

Source : Wikipedia