In september 2016 I spent 10 very wet days in the National Parks of south-western Thailand. With the amazing crew from Tontan Travel we had a great trip. They arranged everything for us, icluding car, driving, food and stay. The saved us for amazing amounts of time. And when you also take in to consideration the vast amount of knowledge Ton and Aood has about the herpetofauna of Thailand – this ended up an amazing trip where we anecountered almost 100 species of reptiles and amphibians!

We where 3 photograpers travelling together on this trip. Yours truly and Tom Dyring and Are Hogner. You can check out Tom’s pictures here, and perhaps someday Are will finish edit his and post them somewhere!

Some of the areas and animals we saw was :

Kaeng Krachan National Park & surrounding areas

Ranong Province

Khao Sok National Park

Phuket & Krabi

Khao Luang National Park and surrounding areas


For the very interested – here is the total lists of species we found.

Ahaetulla nasuta – Long-nosed Vine Snake: 2
Ahaetulla prasina – Oriental Vine Snake: 12
Aplopeltura boa – Blunt-headed Slug Snake: 1
Boiga cyanea – Green Cat Snake: 2
Boiga dendrophila – Mangrove Cat Snake: 1
Boiga nigriceps – Red Cat Snake: 1
Bungarus fasciatus – Banded Krait: 1
Calamaria pavimentata – Collared Reed Snake: 2
Calloselasma rhodostoma – Malayan Pit Viper: 10
Chrysopelea ornata? – Golden Tree Snake: 1 (possible C. paradisi)
Dendrelaphis caudolineatus – Striped Bronzeback: 1
Dendrelaphis formosus – Elegant Bronzeback: 1
Dryocalamus subannulatus – Malayan Bridle Snake: 1
Lycodon capucinus – Common Wolf Snake: 1
Pareas carinatus – Keeled Slug Snake: 1
Trimeresurus albolabris – White-lipped Pit Viper: 2
Trimeresurus fucatus – Banded Pit Viper: 4 (Khao Luang)
Trimeresurus cf. fucatus – Banded Pit Viper: 2 (Khao Sok)
Trimeresurus popeiorum – Pope’s Pit Viper: 1
Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus – Mangrove Pit Viper: 2
Trimeresurus venustus – Beautiful Pit Viper: 4
Tropidolaemus wagleri – Wagler’s Pit Viper: 4
Xenochrophis punctulatus – Spotted Keelback: 1
Total snake species: 23
Total number of snakes: 58

And the only species we did not find, but did photograph as our friend Rushen found it:
Dendrelaphis cyanochloris – Blue Bronzeback: 1

Cnemaspis chanardi – Chanard’s Rock Gecko
Cnemaspis phuketensis – Phuket Rock Gecko
Cnemaspis vandeventeri – VanDeventer’s Rock Gecko
Cyrtodactylus lekaguli – Lekagul’s Bent-toed Gecko
Cyrtodactylus oldhami – Oldham’s Bent-toed Gecko
Cyrtodactylus peguensis – Spotted Bent-toed Gecko
Cyrtodactylus phetchaburiensis – Phetchaburi Bent-toed Gecko
Cyrtodactylus quadrivirgatus – Four-lined Bent-toed Gecko
Dixonius siamensis – Siamese Ground Gecko
Gehyra mutilata – Common Four-clawed Gecko
Gekko gecko – Tokay Gecko
Gekko smithii – Smith’s Tokay Gecko
Hemidactylus frenatus – Spiny-tailed House Gecko
Hemidactylus garnotii – Garnot’s House Gecko
Hemidactylus platyurus – Flat-tailed Gecko
Hemiphyllodactylus typus – Malayan Dwarf Gecko
Ptychozoon kuhli – Kuhl’s Parachute Gecko
Ptychozoon lionotum – Smooth-backed Parachute Gecko
Total gecko species: 18

Acanthosaura crucigera – Cross-bearing Tree Lizard
Acanthosaura cf. crucigera – Cross-bearing Tree Lizard (Krabi)
Acanthosaura phuketensis – Phuket Horned Tree Lizard
Bronchocela rayaensis – Gunung Raya Green Crested Lizard
Calotes emma – Crested Forest Lizard
Calotes versicolor – Oriental Garden Lizard
Draco blanfordii – Blanford’s Gliding Lizard
Draco maculatus – Spotted Gliding Lizard
Draco taeniopterus – Barred Gliding Lizard
Leiolepis belliana – Common Butterfly Lizard
Pseudocalotes khaonanensis – Khao Nan Long-headed Lizard (has no common name, so from now on I give it this name 😉 )
Total agamid species: 11

Eutropis macularia – Variable Sun Skink
Eutropis multifasciata – Many-lined Sun Skink
Lygosoma herberti – Herbert’s Supple Skink
Lygosoma quadrupes – Short-limbed Supple Skink
Sphenomorphus maculatus – Spotted Forest Skink
Total skink species: 5

Varanus nebulosus – Clouded Monitor Lizard
Varanus salvator – Water Monitor Lizard
Total monitor lizard species: 2

Cyclemys enigmatica – Dark Leaf Turtle
Total turtle species: 1

Frogs & toads:
Alcalus tasanae – Tasan Frog
Amolops panhai – Tenasserim Cascade Frog
Brachytarsophrys carinense – Burmese Horned Frog
Clinotarsus penelope – Hill Frog
Duttaphrynus melanostictus – Black-spined Toad
Duttaphrynus cf. melanostictus – – Black-spined Toad (Ranong)
Fejervarya limnocharis – Cricket Frog
Fejervarya moodiei – Brackish Frog
Hydrophylax eschatia – Eschat Golden-backed Frog (has no common name, so I made something up )
Hylarana erythraea – Green Paddy Frog
Hylarana glandulosa – Glandular Frog
Hylarana nigrovittata – Dark-sided Frog
Ingerophrynus parvus – Dwarf Toad
Kaloula latidisca – Wide-disced Bullfrog
Kaloula pulchra – Banded Bullfrog
Kurixalus appendiculatus – Frilled Bushfrog
Kurixalus verrucosus – Boulenger’s Bushfrog
Limnonectes blythii – Blyth’s River Frog
Limnonectes doriae – Doria’s Frog
Megophrys cf. longipes – Red-legged Horned Frog
Microhyla berdmorei – Berdmore’s Chorus Frog
Microhyla butleri – Butler’s Chorus Frog
Microhyla heymonsi – Dark-sided Chorus Frog
Microhyla mukhlesuri – Mukhlesur’s Chorus Frog
Microhyla cf. annectens – Boulenger’s Chorus Frog
Occidozyga martensii – Round-tongued Floating Frog
Odorrana hosii – Hose’s Frog
Phrynoidis asper – Giant River Toad
Polypedates leucomystax – Four-lined Tree Frog
Rhacophorus nigropalmatus – Wallace’s Flying Frog
Total frog species: 30

Ichthyophis sp. (Khao Sok) – Caecilian species unidentified
Ichthyophis sp. (Trang) – Caecilian species unidentified
Total caecilian species: 1 or 2 (could have been the same, but impossible to tell from the tiny juveniles we found)