Rattlesnakes of AZ

Pictures from my trip to Arizona, hot and arid. A rattlesnake mecca! Keep reading

Pit Vipers in Thailand

Thailand in september is wet, very wet. But fortunatly also full of herps! Keep reading

The Ottoman Empire

Thrace is the home of the largest viper in Europe, the Ottoman Viper Keep reading

In the field

To observe and photograph reptiles in the field, is some of the most rewarding one can do in my opinion! And I will travel and spend as much of my free time as possible to do this. But as anyone can understand, with both a family and a "day job" it is not always easy. I also find it very rewarding to photograph captive reptiles. In all my photos of reptiles and amphibians I try to catch the essence of, and the details in the animals one perhaps seldom see if you are not up close to them. I hope you enjoy my pictures


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