«Reptiles and amphibians are sometimes thought of as primitive, dull and dimwitted. In fact, of course, they can be lethally fast, spectacularly beautiful, surprisingly affectionate and very sophisticated»

-Sir Richard Attenborough

Wonders of Cold Blood?

Reptiles are not cold blooded though, they are ectotherm. This means that they are depended of their surrounding to get the body tempterature up. Some reptiles do this by basking in the sun.

On this site I try to show you the fantastic diversity of colors and shapes in reptiles and amphibians most people never have seen before. Hopefully this might change some peoples view on these fascinating animals

In the field

To observe and photograph reptiles in the field, is very rewarding. Visiting new places, sometimes very wet and humid and other times dry and very hot. I always strive to capture the essence and personality of the reptiles I observe in my photos – to show the colors and details on the animals seldom seen by others than us, the enthusiasts.

Israel 2019


Thailand 2018


Italy & Switzerland 2018


Captive and studio

I do also take great pleasure in shooting reptiles from captive collections, in both studio settings and in their terraria. And also sometimes I get the chance to shoot wild animals in studio settings, as this sometimes gives the chance to really show them from their best side!

Buying pictures?

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