I travelled down to Agadir between 10-17.january with the wife – and after speaking to some other scandinavian herpers that had been in the area around Agadir, who had seen several different lizard and gecko species in december, I had high hopes on seeing several species including some of the smaller geckos and agamas. But on daytime, there was no life in the reptiles at all ! I found only some Mauremys and off course frogs. At night time there was high activity in the Tarentola mauritanica in Agadir, and some kilometers south of Agadir, near Sidi R’bat I found several T.chazilea. But, as I’m going back in april, it was good to get to know the area and the maniacal driving habits of the locals and how the police controls works (I only got one speeding ticket, one parking ticket and one telling of by a police officer only speaking french up in Atlas)

Here is the animals I encountered, and got pictures of :